Clinical Rehabilitation

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California is one of the best places to seek out clinical rehabilitation. Offering the highest rated addiction experts & therapists.

Clinical Rehabilitation Center

Our clinical rehabilitation center specializes in addiction caused by behavioral and mental impact, allowing us to unitize evidence based therapies and treatment into an individualized addiction treatment plan. Within our clinical rehab, clients will engage with our expert addiction clinicians and therapists to understand their own behavioral cues. Our clinical rehabilitation center also screens clients for any root cause of addiction, such as mental health conditions and trauma to create a program specific to their inherent needs. Also, through clinical rehabilitation, we empower clients to overcome past experiences and beliefs to defeat the factors that led to addiction. We believe that clinical care gives our clients self confidence and empowerment to reach long-term recovery outside of treatment.

California Addiction Rehabs is a unique treatment facility with locations throughout Southern California. Our rehabilitation centers are owned by those involved closely in the recovery environment. As a result, every employee, from the CEO to our therapists, has been hands on in helping people recovery from drugs and alcohol. This gives our recovering clients unmatched access to long-term recovery.

Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling

Clinical rehabilitation counseling is when our profession counselors apply evidence based therapy and counseling techniques to treat individuals with psychiatric, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional health to help clients achieve their personal goals of independence, empowerment, and recovery whilst helping with each clients’s personal, career, and recovery goals.

Clinical rehab counseling will be proctored by a licensed rehabilitation counselor who is a addiction treatment expert who will take a client centric approach develop a personal care plan that prepares individuals with behavioral issues in receiving optimal care and reorients their actions into a positive perception of quality of life. Rehabilitation counseling will be focused around removing emotional and environmental obstacles through use of counseling, therapy, evidence based treatment, and support.

What is Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling?

Clinical rehabilitation counseling is when an individual that provides professional counseling sessions, including the evidence based care methods of: psychotherapy, human development, addiction theory, group therapy, mental health care, behavioral therapy, and family therapy, for the purposes of treating the root psychopathology and promoting overall mental wellness

What is Clinical Mental Health Counseling?

Clinical mental health counseling includes, but is not limited to diagnosis and care of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders utilizing  evidence based therapy techniques to prevent and treatment mental health conditions. Clinical mental health counseling includes consultation to individuals, couples, families, and communities to promote mental wellbeing and care.

Drug Rehab Clinic

Drug rehabilitation in California includes Inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and Partial hospitalization programs that offer substance use treatment options for all different types of drug addiction. Our addiction experts will guide you into the best possible drug rehabilitation program in California.

Alcohol Rehab Clinic

There are many alcohol rehab clinics in Southern California, and finding the right fit can be challenging. Our admissions hotline allows clients to call and narrow down options to find treatment facilities that match what you’re looking for. Each alcohol rehab clinic offers different programs and offerings. We can help you field rehab centers and get you into a treatment programs that fits you best.

Southern California Clinical Rehabilitation Center

If you feel that clinical rehabilitation is the right choice for you feel free to contact us today! Our caring admissions team will help answer any questions, provide any guidance, and verify your coverage options so you can have a seamless intake process and good first start to your recovery journey.






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