Partial Hospitalization Program

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Substance abuse treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There is a range of program types available to meet the varying needs of those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The three main forms of addiction treatment include inpatient or residential, partial hospitalization programs, and outpatient programs.

People who cannot stop using drugs or alcohol on their own require a full continuum of care and receive treatment at all levels. Partial hospitalization programs are an important part of this comprehensive treatment approach. 

What is a partial hospitalization program, how do they fit into an addiction treatment program, what is their approach to care, and how can you find help at a partial hospitalization program?

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program, or PHP, provides structured mental health and addiction treatment services on an outpatient basis. PHP serves two main purposes:

  • Transitional care between residential inpatient services and outpatient services
  • An alternative option to residential inpatient addiction treatment

While partial hospitalization programs are an outpatient treatment approach, they offer more treatment hours than outpatient programs. Most offer similar care to an inpatient program with twenty or more hours of therapy, group, and other types of treatment each week. However, the primary difference is PHPs do not require you to live at the facility. You can return home or to a nearby sober living facility in the evenings.

How Long Does PHP Last?

Most people seeking addiction treatment wonder, “How long does PHP last?” The length of time a PHP lasts depends on the type of program you select. Partial hospitalization programs are usually designed for about 90 days of treatment. Your progress in the program is the primary driver for how long PHP lasts. You may have a shorter or longer program if your care team determines your need for treatment is different.

Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Effective?

Partial hospitalization programs are effective at helping people overcome drug and alcohol addiction when used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. After completing a 30-day inpatient program, many clients move into a partial hospitalization program. PHP ensures that newly-sober people have ongoing support as they reintegrate into society. 

Preparing to find employment, go back to school, and manage responsibilities can be stressful during early sobriety. Partial hospitalization programs equip clients with the tools and skills necessary to be successful as they begin this process.

Additionally, PHP is a more affordable alternative to residential inpatient programs. People who may not otherwise receive life-saving addiction treatment can find help through a partial hospitalization program. They receive the same high level of care available at an inpatient program at a more accessible price point.

Partial Hospitalization Programs: California

You have plenty of options if you’re looking for partial hospitalization programs in California. The state is home to many different treatment facilities. Not all programs offer the same high level of care, though, and deciding which is right for you can be overwhelming. 

Reach out for help to find the partial hospitalization program in California that’s right for you. We can answer any questions you may have and connect you with the program that best suits your needs. Give us a call today!

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